22 Confirmed Dead At A Pop Concert In Manchester

The aftermath after the confusion of what was a bad night here in Manchester told the reality that twenty-two people had lost their lives and countless more injured after a suicide bomber decided to hit the trigger switch.

File_000 (34)

Greater Manchester Police were rightly making sure the facts were known and information from them all night was frustratingly slow, which did lead to wild speculation as to what was going on, one of the most stupid was the idea the blast was from a blown speaker!

Hospitals were sending people away as casualties from the concert took priority, many of the injuries were from shrapnel wounds and shock.

The concert was almost over when the blast could be heard, the speculation was that the bomber had been inside the building, as it happened he was in a space outside of the building, I think if he had have been inside, we would be looking at many more casualties.

People was left stranded in the aftermath, lost kids many who ended up in a hotel for safety, the stampede that followed with people running out of the place trying to get away would have left many of the kids scared maybe to the point of freezing up which would be understandable.

One man on the PA inside the stadium said “You don’t have to run, there is no problem here now” he kept repeating for people to keep calm, but was too late, mobile networks crashed as loved ones tried to contact each other, worried sick parents wanting to know where there kids are, since the majority of the 20,000 fans were kids and teenagers.

Greater Manchester Police offered a number for people to contact for those who have not returned home 0161 856 9400 and 0161 856 9900.


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