UPDATED: Matthew Sephton May Be Given Extended Time So He Can Remain As A Councillor

Suspended Altrincham councillor Matthew Sephton who is possibly being investigated by the NCA may be given an extension until the end of July so he can remain as a councillor, a vote on this will be at a meeting tonight it is expected though he will remain as councillor.

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Matthew Sephton

To remain as a councillor you need to have gone to a few meetings in six months or you will be in some trouble and could well lose your seat, the rule is though if you have a very good reason for the extension, maybe because of a serious illness or something else you are entitled more time.

As Matthew Sephton is suspended pending an investigation should this be treated as a special case? we have spoken to a couple of political figures here in Trafford and both who we shall not name are ‘Unhappy’ and one even called the time extension as ‘Irregular’, so the vote tonight will be interesting.

The people of Altrincham deserve better, and it is now time that Sephton was removed to allow for a new councillor to come in and fairness all around, we have no further information on the situation with Matthew Sephton, when the facts are known we will publish not wrongly speculate.

Section 85 of the local government act 1972 says:

“The Council is requested to approve an extension to the six month rule on the grounds that Councillor Sephton’s non-attendance throughout that period has been due to personal circumstances and has not been able to attend meetings. Council can only consider such a request where approval is given in relation to the reasons for non-attendance before the end of the relevant six month period, which will be on 31 May 2017”

Trafford Council said “This matter is being presented to a Council meeting this evening commencing at 6.00 pm at which all Councillors have the opportunity to speak and vote upon. An extension can only be granted by a meeting of the full Council and if it decides not to he will cease to be a Councillor at the end of May.”


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