Matthew Sephton Still On The Council Books After A Vote To Extend His Time Allowed Is Carried

We reported earlier today that Matthew Sephton who is not in any party due to his suspension pending an outcome we all know about, was probably going to be given a two month extension until the next council meeting.

Screenshot 2017-05-24 at 1.02.52 PM

Matthew Sephton

Trafford then responded that a vote was to take place tonight May 24 at Trafford Council chambers HQ in Stretford.

The vote amazingly did not have the normal electronics which meant the public could not see who raised hands, we feel this was unfair, the public more so Altrincham residents deserve to have seen what was going on.

Voting was though expected to be on the side of Sephton who himself could have attended the meeting which clearly was not acceptable.

Matthew Sephton has until July 30 and if no change it will be hard for the Tories to keep hold of the seat in Altrincham and a by-election will be called.





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