UKIP Manifesto Launch Leader Paul Nuttall Attacks Islam

With the bombing of a pop concert here in Manchester, the aftermath, the coming as one, the country in sync and vigils held just about everywhere in the world praying for Manchester it makes things slightly easier for those looking on.

Screenshot 2017-05-25 at 10.41.12 AM.png

Paul Nuttall UKIP Leader

It will never be forgotten, but we must now move forward with the love of so many people around the world, well apart from UKIP, who today May 25 launched their manifesto ahead of the general election in just a couple of weeks time.

To move forward as one this must include people from Islam, because simply anyone from that religion does not fall in our eyes as a terrorist, they are just like you and me getting on with life, and trying to be the best they can be and helping others along the way, sadly the UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has just said one of the most offensive things at what is a very difficult time,

Paul Nuttall said “He makes no apologies for what he said about Islam, they are a cancer in society that needs to be cut off” this was not good, not a way forward and very racist, it could also be seen as a threatening remark by some people.

We all have our opinions agreed, but on the stage he is on, and what he just said will not only cost him votes but continue to kill off a party that was purely about Brexit and Immigration.



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