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Manchester City New Home Kit Is Now Available To Fans For The 2017/18 Season

Manchester City have now put on sale the much awaited home kit for next season and the reaction is mixed, some saying it is just a boring blank sky blue t-shirt, and others saying it is a classy bit of kit.


One issue has always been the cost of replica shirts and this year it is around £10 more expensive than last year, a home shirt will now cost you between £55 and £65, this new City replica shirt in Adult sizes will set you back a cool £60 from the club shop, and £55 from Sports Direct which has always been cheaper.

The cost of a Junior Manchester City shirt will be £45 from the club shop and from Sports Direct £39.99.

So far we have seen three kits that have been released, the Manchester United away kit, Liverpool home and Manchester City, more kits will be announced soon, we feel £55 or £65 for what is just a polyester shirt probably made in some sweat factory abroad for about 50p is extortion to the highest level, creaming the hard pressed fans, and sadly making some of our younger people very unhappy because their parents can no longer afford it.

Government needs to step in and stop this rip off as soon as they can, be it the Tories or hopefully Labour in the next couple of weeks, as for the Manchester City shirt will this inspire Peps team to greater things next season?

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