Good News On Its Way For Virgin Media Broadband Customers In The Sale Area

We have had many complaints about Virgin Media and its very slow broadband speeds, but the company owned by Liberty Global has responded with some good news.

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The area most affected by the slower speeds is around the Eastway area and some issues around Woodhouse Lane and further west, it seems that the issues are congestion related and these issues have been going on for sometime.

We checked on its own forums and saw thread after thread of complaints up and down the country about speed issues and wondered if their was a bigger issue going on with the company.

A Virgin Media spokesman said:

“We’re sorry that a small number of customers in the Eastway area of Sale have experienced issues with speed of their internet connection.

“We’re working hard to put this right and endeavour to improve the service these customers receive as quickly as we’re able to.”

Despite the issues some people are facing we can only speculate that the company which is a big player and has a good reputation has not spent enough on its broadband, not building it bigger since now people are doing different things online than they were about a decade ago.

More people are streaming, playing games etc, and all this uses a huge amount of data, and because of this and regular traffic the network cannot cope and so you get slower speeds, it is worse if you have many people on the network which would cause congestion adding to the slower speeds.

The statement from Virgin Media goes someway to re-assuring its customers having issues, that the company know about the problems and are onto it, and we are also re-assured something will now be done.

We will be doing a survey soon about Virgin Media and its broadband speeds very soon so look out for it!



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