Major Incidents Called In London, Many People Feared Dead

London is under attack tonight as police call a major incident in many parts of the capital.

Screenshot 2017-06-04 at 12.22.45 AM.png

Met Police Advice

Confusing reports are filtering through almost every moment, witnesses have said they saw people shooting innocent people on London Bridge, a common theme was that many of these eye witnesses saw a white van that had crashed, although no one knows why this white van crashes or if it had any part to play in what is believed to be shootings.

Some media are saying this was a terrorism related attack although the Met police have yet to confirm anything, what we do know is attacks have occurred on London Bridge, and in Boroughmarket and Vauxhall.

Latest at 1am : Vauxhall attack was not terrorist related.

Both London Bridge and Borough Market have been declared terrorist incidents.

London Ambulance are on the scene and have been treating people on the bridge, they are still assessing the situation and will update when they can.

More follows….


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