Thumbs Up From Residents Wanting A Running Track In Walton Park

We have surveyed a number of people on what they thought about the idea of having a running track around the football field in Walton Park in Sale.


Adding to the survey we asked several people in the park and on social media about what they thought and no one objected, although as you can see on the graph a couple of people was not in favour which was to be expected.

A track which would be more than likely  similar to the Sale Harriers Crossford Bridge running track will provide the community a valuable facility, football clubs and those at the sports centre will be able to use it, people wanting to get fitter when no one is about and so on.

It could go even further and become a running club, and a board set up to organise things which I am sure will be a huge success.

This park is crying out for a track, even a local councillor is up for it and expect others to be on board, since we have enough interest, we will now present this to Trafford and will update you on the response which we expect to be positive.


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