One Love Manchester Concert Brought Manchester Closer Together

The One Love Manchester gig which was arranged by Ariana Grande and brought to the stage at the Emirates Lancashire Cricket Ground many famous artists and bands passed off with no incidents.

File_000 (39)

Police were taking no chances, around the ground roads were blocked off, confusing many motorists, the atmosphere was tense, a huge amount of people could be seen walking side by side down Talbot Road, all looking very nervous.

The gig though got underway and the sound was noticeably lower than the Rihanna and Beyonce gigs that was held at the same location in recent times, not as many people was outside either, maybe people choosing to watch the concert in the safety of their homes.

A helicopter was above keeping an eye on things throughout, this was though not a police helicopter! I spoke to some guys who were behind me acting in a suspicious way wearing t-shirts with CPT logos and had radios in their pockets they did not offer me any re-assurances on the night, and have since been reported.

This will be though a memorable day for Trafford, for Manchester with so many stars in such a small area all day, from the football at Manchester United and the concert at the cricket ground, all for good causes, keeping Manchester stronger…together!


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