Long-Term Exposure To Aircraft Noise At Night Proven To Cause Hypertension

A team of scientists in Greece set about finding out what if anything long-term exposure to aircraft noise does to a person’s health.


780 Individuals who lived near to Athens International Airport participated in a cross-sectional multi country HYENA study from 2014 to 2016, the objective was to evaluate the association of exposure to aircraft and road traffic noise with the incidence of hypertension and other cardio outcomes.

The results of this study was found that hypertension was significantly associated with higher aircraft noise during the night, with just a 10db increase 95% experienced hypertension.

A doctor-diagnosed cardiac arrhythmia was significantly associated with night aircraft noise exposure, stroke risk was higher was mentioned in the study but not associated, and results from road traffic was not a cause for concern in the study.

We suggest if you live near an airport to buy soundproofing, if you are looking at moving to a place near an airport keep in mind this study and make sure the property is insulated from sound as much as possible.




Categories: Airport, Noise

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