iPhone turns 10 and what a journey it has been for Apple

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Ten years ago today Apple introduced to the world the very first iPhone which changed everything.

File_000 (51).jpeg

iPhone SE

The best iPhone from the past that really gave Apple credibility was the 3G and 3GS both handsets went down very well and sold millions around the world catapulting Apple into the big time.

Then came the iPhone 4 which again killed off all competition with a new design, a better battery and better cameras, the processors became faster, next up was the 4s which again killed off all opposition, its processors upgraded but still the same 4″ screen.

Apple the gave the world the iPhone 5, although a big improvement did not do as well, and so the next iPhone had to be a huge improvement and so it was, one of the biggest sellers in history and still doing well today even though it was made obsolete by Apple the 5s was a great handset, with better antennas, battery life, screen resolution, a complete upgrade and sold millions of units worldwide.

File_000 (42)

iOS 11 released in the Autumn 2017

iOS was evolving also, there was more apps, more games than ever before, and still had that same easy to use design.

A huge change in the next handset release by Apple was with the 6 and 6 plus, this was a complete change by the Californian company, releasing two iPhones and even better was the screen size, going from a small 4′ display to a 4.7′ and 5.5′.

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus was a real change and helped elevate the company to top spot with Samsung and all the others playing catch up, although they produced some amazing products themselves, with this battle gave the world better handsets than we could ever imagine.

So with the release of the 6s and 6s plus the iPhone was taken to a newer level, with features never seen on an iPhone before, now the camera was even better raising it from an 8 mega pixel sensor to a 12, again the processors were faster, battery life more efficient, live photos, better screen.

And then for some reason Apple decided to produce another 4′ handset claiming that their was demand for the smaller handset, this was questionable since now everyone was creating 4.7′” handsets and bigger, the SE was born, it is a 6s in a smaller case in many ways, but failed to capture the worlds imagination, it seems people no longer wanted smaller handsets.

The latest handset is the 7 and 7 plus, again a huge improvement over the last handsets, this time with the 7 plus having two cameras instead of one, and so it will be soon that time again when the next handsets will be released, as ever the world speculates what Apple are going to bring out, will it be the 7s and 7s plus and a special edition iPhone to mark 10-years in service? we shall see.

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