Police offer advice about troublesome off-road biker gangs in Trafford

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Greater Manchester Police are offering some valuable advice about what to do if you see any off-road biker causing problems.


The areas that causes most concern is in Urmston, Woodsend and Partington although Sale has issues also, where many bikers are seen on the main roads, mostly in gangs and riding with no care in the world, putting their own lives and others in danger.

If you see any off-road bikers on his own or in a gang causing issues then keep a record of the following things:

• The riders clothing
• The type of off-road bike – Quad Bike, Scrambler, mini-moto, a go-ped etc.
• The location 
• The name and address of the rider, if you know it.

We suggest if you want to take pictures or video you do so in a safe and out of view way.

If you know of someone who regularly uses an off-road bike illegally please contact the police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

To contact the Trafford North Neighbourhood Policing Team, telephone 0161 856 7655 or email:

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