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Chris Froome looks to win another Tour De France which starts in Dusseldorf tomorrow

The biggest event in the cycling calendar begins tomorrow July 1 as the Tour De France gets underway in Dusseldorf.

Screenshot 2017-06-30 at 4.17.48 PM

Chris Froome: Team Sky

The tour has been sadly given a bad name due to high profile cyclists being caught out taking performance enhancing drugs, the UCI though has made the sport even harder for cyclists to cheat, and with help from doping officials, it is now one if not the cleanest sport in the world.

The UK has done amazing things in the world of cycling, more so on the track, and it is expected that Chris Froome will keep hold of his yellow jersey for another year, but even he has come out saying “This one is going to be a big test” and it will be as all tours are, not just because of the gigantic mountains they have to climb up or the scary descending at often 60 or 70mph, but the length of the tour and is why super fit professional  cyclists end up retiring from the race.

So stage 1 of 21 kicks off in Dusseldorf and ends in Paris you can see the full guide HERE

Cycling will increase in Trafford and around the world during the event, it is traditionally a great few weeks for the bike shops who will do better than normal business as people start to take up what is and always will be a great sport , and one people should take up not just for fitness and enjoyment but also  for doing your bit for the environment.

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