Investigation reveals Greater Manchester’s air quality is worse than first thought

An investigation by Friends of the Earth campaign group called ‘Citizen Science’ shows that air quality in Greater Manchester is far worse than was first thought.


Seven constituency’s in Greater Manchester recorded higher levels of Nitrogen Dioxide , the investigation looked at other areas of the UK, with London the worse for Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations in the air, they claim that higher Nitrogen Dioxide was found in 133 local authorities, 26 more the government documents highlight.

The initial Citizen Science findings highlight that seven of the Greater Manchester parliamentary constituencies have high NO2 concentrations. These include: Manchester Central (Lucy Powell), Manchester Gorton (Afzal Khan), Manchester Withington (Jeff Smith), Worsley and Eccles South (Barbara Keeley), Cheadle (Mary Robinson), Denton and Reddish (Andrew Gwynne) and Makerfield (Yvonne Fovargue).

Catherine Thomson, Manchester Friends of the Earth air pollution campaigner, said:

“Our citizen scientists have shown that if the government won’t step up to the plate on air quality, ordinary people will. But even so, its shocking that these early results suggest the government is under playing the true extent of pollution in the UK.

“We urge our newly-elected Greater Manchester MPs – at least 7 of whom appear to have high levels of pollution in their constituencies – to work with ministers over the coming weeks to ensure the government’s final Air Quality Plan is fit for purpose.

“The government has acknowledged that Clean Air Zones are the best way to deal with this public health crisis, which is why they must stop playing politics with our health and urgently introduce them everywhere with illegal levels of air pollution.”


Categories: Environment, Pollution

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