Trafford and its vegetation issues, will they ever be fixed?

Since Amey were installed to take over our front line services without question we have seen a big problem with vegetation here in Trafford.

File_000 (54).jpeg

Vegetation is mostly weeds, you may see bushes that need trimming down, we are aware of overgrown trees, although that is for the tree unit to deal with at Trafford.

On our travels we can confirm that very soon if nothing is done a path behind Cherry Lane which is supposed to be for cycles will vanish! the weed growth on both sides are growing at the rate of knots, and some of these weeds are bramble bushes.

News4Trafford has reported issues to Amey about the problems, and even after three weeks we see nothing done, it is possible though that the land behind Cherry Lane is owned by United Utilities which would mean they could be responsible for the vegetation issues on that path.

Problems with vegetation in Partington is causing issues, as is Broadheath and just about everywhere we have been in Trafford, it’s not nice to see, visitors coming into the area must think the council has abandoned the borough, with vegetation issues, potholes, some of the most serious potholes we have ever seen are currently on show on the A56 between Eastway in Sale and Pelican Pub in Timperley both ways, again we reported this many times, and councillors have also.

File_000 (55).jpeg

Amey are a private company, really only interested in making money for itself and shareholders, it was a complete disgrace that Trafford Tories sold us out like this, and for such a long time! and now egg is on their faces as they have to see the destruction they have caused.

We asked Councillor Stephen Anstee about Amey and he said: “Whilst the council faces large reductions to its budget, it was determined that contracting these services will help to reduce costs, whilst maintaining high quality and value-for-money services to residents and businesses.”

We could give Amey some time to get this sorted out, but we already have given them time, it is now the councillors on both sides, throwing away the shouting just for a moment and get this sorted out as soon as possible.

On the upside, we have noticed an improvement on fly tipping, the hotspots have been clear for a while now, so something is working, maybe all the media attention helped!


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