Northern Rail goes on strike causing delays for passengers

A weekend long rail strike by Northern Rail over safety issues  is to happen meaning chaos for many passengers and log delays.


Services to Altrincham are affected by the strike, below is a guide of which services are affected from July 8 to July 10, these services below will run, or replaced with a bus service:

  • Chester-Altrincham – July 8/9
  • Stockport- Altrincham – July 8/9 (buses)
  • Stockport-Altrincham-Chester July 10 (buses)

No rail services at all or bus services from the following stations from July 8- 10:

  • Chassen Road – July 8/9/10
  • Manchester United – July 8/9/10
  • Trafford Park – July 8/9/10

You can find all the services that are not running any service HERE this will open as a PDF and shows every station affected.


Categories: Rail, Strike, Strike Action

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