Government offers advice if you get caught up in a terrorist incident

The terrorism threat is very high and as we all have seen on national news, the devastation it can cause, the government have some advice along with the police on what you should do in the event you get caught up in a tricky situation in the UK.

Screenshot 2017-07-10 at 11.59.18 AM

RUN to a place of safety as it is a better option than to try to negotiate, if you cannot do this then HIDE, in these situations it is better to hide than to confront, if you do so make yourself as small as you can, barricade yourself in if you are in a room, and always remember to silence your mobile phone, turning of vibrate and then when its safe to do so TELL the police ring 999.

Tell police everything you know, where you are, how many people are trying to kill you or others, what weapons do they have.

They will come and find you, remember to stay silent, and calm until police arrive, they will not be normal police, all will be in black combat clothing and fully armed, they may treat you as a tad different at the start as they will not know who the terrorist is, keep your hands shown at all times, don’t be show boating, one mistake by a nervous armed police officer could see you fighting for your life, so keep cool.

More information is HERE


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