Police warn about high value external mailbox fraud In Trafford


Greater Manchester Police are warning all Trafford South residents about a number of high value fraud cases through mail interception.


Offenders are targeting mailboxes that are external, at the end of a property or normally on a wall, CCTV coverage of one event shown a gang of males believed to be Asian adapting a mail box to allow them to intercept mail, the offenders have stuffed the letter box with what is believed to be bubble wrap, so when the post man delivers the mail it catches in the bubble wrap and they fish it out, instead of it falling to the bottom.

Police In Trafford South have recently dealt with a case where a local resident from the Hale Barns area has fallen victim to a fraud valuing to date at £17,000, it transpired that identity documents belonging to the victim were stolen during the first mail theft. These details have been used to order credit cards in the victim’s name that are later themselves intercepted, being stolen from the victim’s mail box, the victim never being aware that they had even been ordered.

What they are after of course is your money, and once they have your mail, they usually order new bank cards without you knowing about it, obtain the bank card and come back a few days later to collect the pin number, last year this happened to someone in Hale Barns with fraud amounting to £200k.

If you see suspicious activity of this nature happening in your area, please report to 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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