Residents will get a say on what happens to the George H Carnall sports centre

Residents and staff can rest a little easier as News4Trafford gets information that a consultation over what happens to the centre will happen at some point in the near future.

Screenshot 2017-07-11 at 3.26.45 PM.png


Phil Davies Assistant Manager at the sports centre said: “yes there will be opportunity for local residents to ask questions and express their concerns”

The centre will not close until refurbishments are made, and it is at such an early stage no decisions have been made on what will happen, no staff have been informed about potential job losses or transfers.

Chair of the Trafford Leisure Community Trust Andy Worthington has said that it was not good for any of us to speculate, this is correct! however for speculation to occur in the first place it is only born from doubt, it would then be best to tell people exactly what you are going to do, not announce something so soon where you cannot even make a decision.

We welcome the decision for people to have their say through consultations, and it is now residents and staff, including all the private clubs, ex sports stars or current that used the centre to get together with councillors to make sure the George H Carnall centre will remain open after a refurbishment.




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