NHS is at breaking point as the Tories starve it of vital oxygen

The NHS is something the UK can be proud about, being the best free healthcare system in the world, with leading doctors and nurses looking after everybody with genuine and quality care.


The government think differently to everyone else! in just about everything, but how can they do this with the NHS? surely they must also be proud of what we have and yet! they continue on wards towards privatisation, whilst they are in this process of privatisation the NHS is starved of oxygen, and so we see doctors and nurses struggle to keep things ticking over.

Other services are being affected, social workers almost drained of energy, and workers in mental health who have to day-in-day out look after some very ill people, some not so, but still need care, remembering each day they have their own life back at home, and it is not always a bed of roses which after such a long day is like a double hammer blow.

A Nurse from an NHS trust wrote a letter, it is claimed to have gone viral, we read it and needed urgently to be published, it deserved it, but also brought it home to us how much of a struggle it is day in day out, and only passion keeping them going.


The letter was published on 38degrees on Facebook and although we cannot validate the letter, it makes perfect sense to us, NHS is doomed, even if the Tories keep claiming they have put money into the struggling service that will soon end up on its knees, meaning thousands of people, many with serious illnesses will end up on the scrap heap, until Virgin and other big named companies take over, can people pay though? something we expect the government may not have even thought about.


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