Mobike spotted in Sale and we think its a great idea

What is a Mobike you might well be asking, well simply its a rubbish bike that anyone can use, and all you need to do is download the app and pay a refundable deposit.

The app on both iOS and Android is available now to download, enter your details making sure you let it have your location, this is so it can track down the nearest bike for you to ride.

You will need a deposit of £29, but you get this refunded, once you have done this its 50p for every half hour and you need to remember to use the lock if you are leaving it anywhere, the lock is part of the bike and locks the frame and back wheel.

File_000 (61)

It is a great idea, we think though the £29 really needs to be removed, it is slightly off-putting to say the least, we are told the Mobike is on trial here in Manchester for six months, but already we have seen vandals trying to damage bikes, they have been found in lakes and canals.

if they could get rid of the deposit, this will be such a big success for Mobike and for the people of Trafford and Greater Manchester.


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