The future is looking brighter for The One Trafford Partnership

Amey One Trafford who was given a gigantic contract by the Trafford Tories have been on the end of some sharp criticism since they took over.

The current situation is dire, with vegetation issues blacking paths, potholes, fly tipping, parks all suffering due to a shortage of workers, we are told by Amey One Trafford workers on the ground about the lack of staff and that everyone is getting fed up with management, and with residents giving them abuse.
It is right that the residents in Trafford feel short-changed and so we spoke with Amey One Trafford to finally get to the route cause of the issues and more importantly to find out what they have planned.
A spokesman for the One Trafford partnership said: “The One Trafford Partnership currently employs over 300 members of staff across its environmental, highways and facilities management services, this includes recently taking on apprentices and graduates across our services in Trafford providing young people with training and employment opportunities.
“We are currently recruiting for a number of vacancies within Environmental Services, including drivers, loaders, and business support roles, we strive to maintain a high standard of service at all times, but do apologise to anyone who feels they have not received the level of service expected whilst we recruit.
“We have also deployed additional resources to improve the standard of maintenance of grass cutting in parks and cemeteries,resources are provided over a seven-day week allowing for more frequent maintenance, weed spraying across the borough is also underway.
“We take all service requests seriously and thank residents for getting in touch to raise issues that concern them, on average we empty 870 litter bins a day, and in the last 12 months we have responded to over 3200 cases of fly tipping, removing over 317 tonnes of fly tipped waste, issues relating to environmental services can be reported online by clicking HERE or by calling 03330 035865

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