British Gas

British Gas to increase prices of its electric by up to 15%

British Gas will soon be increasing its electricity prices by up to 15% on 15 September.

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Prices of electricity and gas have risen way past what some people can afford, more so for those on a pay and go meter, where without question many always end up using the emergency credit and so the next time they put money in they are now in debt.

It will also mean that other energy suppliers will follow with their own price increases soon after as is the normal way, however no other supplier yet has confirmed anything.

A spokesman for British Gas said: “We’re increasing prices to reflect the rising costs of transporting energy to your home, as well as delivering government energy policy. We are also removing the £15 annual Dual Fuel Discount from 15th September. We haven’t increased our prices since late 2013, so these aren’t decisions we’ve taken lightly. If you’re currently on a fixed term tariff with a Dual Fuel Discount, you’ll keep receiving this until your fixed term tariff ends.”



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