Manchester United

Shocker for fans of Manchester United as the club closes down its talk boards

Millions of fans around the world used the talk boards on and all will be sad to hear that the club has now closed down its talk boards and will no longer be on the website from today Aug 3.


A spokesman for Manchester United said: “We are closing down the boards because we want to work on updating and improving the website experience.”

The talk boards was a fan forum for everything and everything to do with the club, it helped create some very good conversations,some maybe not so, what it did do though was gain new friends from other countries that cannot get to see United on a regular basis and wanted to feel part of the club.

Manchester United fans around the world will now have to look elsewhere to talk about the club, one such forum we suggest is “United We Stand” which you can view on YouTube, this channel now with well over 100,000 followers is where you need to be if you are a Manchester United fan with updates and a chat service.

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