Air Pollution

Air pollution in Trafford is dangerously high says MP

Trafford is a polluted borough, be it from cars, vans buses or industry, the facts are everyone is breathing in dirty air and something now! needs to be done about it.

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Kate Green

Stretford and Urmston MP Kate Green has written to the chief executive of Trafford Council to demand that the council does something to tackle the problems of air pollution.

Thousands of people die in Manchester purely as a result of our dirty air, Trafford has only three council run air pollution monitors which is not acceptable, two of them we believe are almost in the same area, although you can buy a testing kit from Friends of the earth for £15 which you send back to them and they get you the recordings.

Trafford has to produce a local plan by March next year to tackle air pollution, and pressure put on them by Kate and others will surely mean our air can be cleaned up and most importantly monitored on a daily basis in different areas not just Stretford!


Washaway Road in Sale all the way towards Altrincham most mornings, more so when the conditions are humid often stinks like a petrol station, remembering there are people living on this disgusting roman road! this is one area that really does need to be looked at with any plans from the council.

Kate Green said, “It’s simply unacceptable that we have dangerously high levels of air pollution in Trafford.

“We can’t afford to sit around and not take action on an issue which is affecting the health of children growing up round here today. We owe it to future generations to act now to make our air safe to breathe.

“Earlier this year I hosted an air quality summit for Trafford schools where children let me know their ideas for cleaner air. I’ve shared these with the Chief Executive of the Council and hope that they’ll give other local people opportunities to share ideas on making our air cleaner.

“We mustn’t delay on tackling air pollution round here and I’ll continue to press both the Council and the government for action.”

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