Walton Park in Sale is now home to hundreds of bats and you can see them all

We have had some bad things going on with the upkeep of Trafford’s parks despite many having a green flag status, the one thing that has gone from strength to strength though is the wildlife and more so bats.

File_000 (89).jpeg

One park in Sale has a huge bat colony that is getting the public interested, the best time to see these amazing creatures is just before it goes dark all around the trees and often fly around the park if it is a nice evening.

Walton Park in Sale is the location, and we urge you to come down and have a look, we suggest you keep still as you can and face your camera towards to sky so you can capture these super fast and protected creatures.

Bats are protected by law, they are very vulnerable creatures more so if they end up anywhere near a development, they are very sensitive animals and even more so if they are disturbed during hibernation.

You can view the laws on bats by clicking on this Link you can learn more about the different types of bats in the UK and what they eat etc Here

When you are inside the park looking for the bats, please do not use flash photography, we suggest using a decent mobile phone, you will have to be quick though to catch a picture as they fly around faster than a jet fighter, it is best to use video as we did in the video above.

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