Bucklow St Martins

Labour could lose in Bucklow St Martins as residents turn their backs on them

Trafford Labour could lose in next months by-election in the Bucklow St Martins ward after John Smith stepped down.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 at 12.24.43 PM

Some residents in Partington who we spoke with yesterday all have decided to leave the main parties and opt for another one, this is now time for Lib Dems and Green Party and others to roll up there sleeves and get the campaigning stepped up.

This has to be the best chance of getting a councillor in that is not from Labour or the Tories, Labour of course have two councillors, one of which stands down herself (Karina Carter) next year in the local elections, it was thought that Karina Carters replacement would be a resident in Partington, but it now looks like that same resident is standing in the by-election from what our sources are telling us.

It looks like many people will choose not to vote in the by-election which gives everyone standing a real chance of becoming a councillor, this includes any independents that are standing.

It could be a bad one for the Labour Party simply due to poor selection and voter apathy, we asked one resident in Partington last night if he ever felt represented in his ward, and he firmly said “No” he was not happy with Labour or the Tories, having mentioned the Green Party he opened his eyes, he said “They are the way forward” although sadly it is doubtful Trafford Green Party are to participate in the by election, this gives others like the Lib Dems a great chance of victory.

Let the battle commence…

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