One Trafford

Ripped up road in Sale gets patched up at last

One Trafford have been on the end of some stick of late, well pretty much since they were given a gigantic contract by the toothless and often ruthless Tory party.


The A56 or Washaway Road from Eastway in Sale all the way down towards Langdale Road resembled something you only see on the moon, a lunar surface with the odd unatic driver is a very dangerous combination.

The situation on this part of the A56 was dire, and becoming worse by the day, since this Roman Road is indeed the main artery in Trafford, it needs a good and durable surface, residents and councillors complained, reported and shared pictures on social media, we also reported the state of the road several times.

Then suddenly we saw some action, we now have a black and grey road for about one hundred metres, all workmen did was to fill in some of the gigantic cracks in the surface, let’s be honest these were not potholes they was filling! still the same at the time of doing this article the southbound side has been made a tad safer.

It is thought the possibility One Trafford are going to do a full resurface in the future could be a possibility, residents surely cannot accept anything less from what has been a disaster created by the pens and blindness of those in power at the council.

Amey themselves though have not painted themselves in any glory, it is like Usain Bolt forgetting to run, only after several complaints from the fans and those in charge will he suddenly remember, would anyone support him then? of course not same thing applies, and surely the Amey contract will be ripped up, something that would be best for all sides.


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