Mystery burning smells in Trafford has got people talking

The bad smells in Manchester and all over the city was in places seriously dreadful, however smells well before this occurred in Trafford and it was not poop.

We noticed a very strong burning smell, and it seemed to have got worse nearer to Manor Ave in Sale, a mist could be seen, but no fire anywhere! it was not in any garden either.

People took to social media, asking what the smell was, no one knew anything, it was a few days after this, the smell was back but this time in Partington, a few days later it was hanging around fields around Sinderland Lane.

A photo which is above was taken, and clearly a mist can be seen, the possibility that this could have been farmers burning crops was mentioned, but we checked and no fires anywhere could be seen, and surely we would have seen smoke rising from wherever it was escaping,

The smell of fire again was smelt on Aug 13 for a small time in Sale and Partington, it was very strong around Firsway, it was thought it was indeed coming from a garden, but checked and re checked and no one was burning anything, and anyway how can this mist keep moving around in fairly still conditions?

Now Manchester has a poop smell, I can sense the conspiracy gang doing YouTube videos already! however, with no answers to what caused the smelly mist, it is open to such scrutiny, it is believed the poop smells was coming from a United Utilities plant in Stockport.


Categories: Environment, Trafford

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