Bucklow St Martins

12 crimes on Hampshire Road in Partington in just one record breaking month

Partington is a mystery to those from outside the walls, it also has now a unconfirmed record for the most crimes on a road.

The improvements are there for all to see, the big park groups that formed are a step in the right direction, however crime has long been an issue in the area, of course it is anywhere these days.

Hampshire Road is south and west of the area on the estate, and in May this year it had a gigantic twelve reported crimes on it, these are only reported crimes, who knows how many on that road was not reported!

On Squires Mews a tiny bit of road just off Wood Lane, seven recorded crimes occurred in May many of which police could not investigate further due to lack of evidence, the crimes reported here were shocking.

Overall Partington recorded 105 reported crimes which is an increase of 32 from last year, with the council boasting new super 4K HD CCTV cameras and a councillor boasting about a super cop, we could ask what has gone wrong?

Police numbers are so low it is frightening, and it’s set to get worse as the Tories continue to cut the police budget, so having the latest CCTV equipment is well pointless, having new legislation is also pointless if there is no one around to enforce it.

This is not just a problem for Partington but borough wide, and of course for the entire country, still the same all is not as good as it seems or is believed in M31 which has seen big improvements, and the improvements will get better since the area starts to understand that they all have a part to play now, it is no longer like it used to be, where everyone relied on the council to fix things, or the police to come in under ten minutes, we had no 101 number and that hardly works anyway!

If you live in the Bucklow St Martins ward, ask those that come to your door about how much they know about the crime stats, they will not be able to tell you! do not be frightened by asking questions, if no answer comes back, they are no use to you or the area, you see many are clueless! seriously! they want your vote and do everything in their power to get this, soon as you ask them questions about your area, more so with stats, they have no idea!




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