Kids playground in Irlam ripped up by mindless thugs

A popular children’s playground in a park in Irlam has been ripped up by mindless vandals, much of the rubberised ground has been torn to shreds.

The Princess Park playground which is situated just of Liverpool road in Irlam has a good suface designed to give full protection for children, so if they fell they would never be hurt as the rubberised surface acts as a shock absorber, it is now in ruins and the playground has had to be shut down.

Councillors and residents alike and just about everyone who saw the group of lads tearing the place apart was in shock to what they had seen, a video is doing the rounds on social media.

Trafford has also had its fair share of problems, a slide in Partington was burned down, and we hear of issues in other parks, drug problems in Walton Park in Sale are a regular issue, police are aware but never come!


Cross Lane Park in Partington

The destruction of that playground in Irlam was beyond belief, thousands of pounds worth of playground trashed in the blink of an eye, and now parents and others are trying to get the playground back to how it was, this is great work and we applaud all who is involved with helping get the playground back to how it was.

We feel though that something as nice as this could do with a bit more protection from the vandals that want to destroy all the good things that we have, why do they do this could be on the lips of just about everyone right now, and no one had the answers, so a new approach is needed to protect valuable things in open spaces.


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