Unexpected lightening lit up the Manchester sky overnight

An unexpected storm hit Manchester over night which left many people going out taking pictures and video of what was a fifteen minute spectacular.

having checked the doppler radar on an app called ‘Home and dry’ it did shown a huge band of heavy rain approaching Manchester.

Lightening is caused by heat and ice, when the ground is warm the air above it creates vapour and then a cloud forms, it continues to get bigger and bigger, at the top of the cloud or clouds ice forms and it is this ice crystals that hit each other and causes an electrical charge and enough of them causes the lightening you see.

As many would know lightening is very dangerous, and fork lightening is what gives issues on the ground, or in the air, a study revealed lightening is 27,000 degrees in heat which is hotter than the surface of the sun.

If you have any video or pictures of last nights lightening show over Manchester or Cheshire please send them in to us, the best ones will be used, remember we need your name and location send to us or via our social media channels.

Categories: Lightening

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