Bucklow St Martins

Official Bucklow St Martins by-election candidates list has been announced

The candidates for the Bucklow St Martins by-election has officially been announced on the Trafford Council website.

The seat was left vacant because of John Smith stepping down, the election will take place on September 14.

Bucklow St Martins ward covers Partington, Carrington and a small bit of Sale and has been an easy one for Labour in the past, we think it will be a tad more difficult this time around, Labour must have changed tactics announcing Aiden Williams instead of Adele New, it is thought she ‘may’ still be standing in the local elections next year as Karina Carter decides to call it a day.

The biggest surprise was the Tory candidate, someone from nowhere and has the advantage of living in Partington, her name is Sarah Ashley Marland, no independent is standing this time, and UKIP and The Green Party and of course the Lib Dems have candidates standing in this by-election.

We look forward with working with whoever is chosen on September 14.

The list of candidates can be found HERE

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