Some parts of the UK will see a partial solar eclipse tonight

A special event occurs tonight here in the UK when some of us will get to see around 4% of a solar eclipse.

The question is will Trafford and indeed Manchester see the partial eclipse? looking at the latest weather data, it suggests many parts will be covered in cloud as the remains of what was Hurricane Gert passes through.

A solar eclipse will be best seen in the middle of the US, the nearer you are to the red line of a total eclipse the more you will see of it, the UK is miles away from it, so we will only see what many are calling ‘A bite’ in the sun, which should be the bottom half of it.

It is with some hope we will get to see something tonight, with breaks in the clouds it still will be a great event which will start at around 7.40pm. and end at around 8.30pm.

We suggest not to be looking at the sun at anytime directly, use special glasses or other methods like shadows to see the eclipse.

The direction you will need to be looking in is WNW (West North West) , you would get a better view if you could find somewhere high up, peak district will be a good place to be, or in a high rise flat that has windows looking to the west.


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