One Trafford

One Trafford stalling on providing Priory Woods with much needed barriers to protect it from vandalism and fly tippers

Many residents in the Sale area who use the woods have asked us to contact One Trafford to help get new barriers at and around the car park reinstated due to vandalism and fly tipping that could destroy the woods.

One such resident named as John and is behind the account @PrioryWoodsM33 told us that in July 2016 he decided to try to have the wooden barriers that bound the west side of the woods car park reinstated they have now rotted away and huge gaps can be seen, he tells us “To this day and after a year even with some positive feedback no barriers have been installed.”

John has been in contact with numerous political people from the MP Mike Kane to the Trafford Labour leader Andrew Western, he also was in contact with One Trafford about the problems and after several attempts managed to get a reply, several months down the line he managed to get a maintenance plan for the woods which John said “Would embarrass a ten-year old”

This maintenance plan did not give John much confidence as it only shown what little they are responsible for, which is clearing leaves and other small jobs that we all know they do badly.

John decided to give Amey a chance to get themselves sorted out, a year had elapsed, he then contacted Amey One Trafford and got no response, It was only when the Trafford Labour leader stepped in that Amey decided that they did need to do something, and finally a replacement barrier was ordered.

This must have felt great for John knowing that his efforts have now made a difference and that the woods would now be protected for all to enjoy once more, as many know in Trafford when One Trafford says something, it takes a long time for anything to happen, it even takes longer when they are doing something.

John and all those that use Priory woods can be assured that News4trafford will not leave this alone until the barriers are replaced.

We contacted  One Trafford for a response and we will update this article further once we have this to hand.


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