Trafford’s youth is increasingly becoming more bored and dangerous

Trafford has an increasing amount of very bored kids, directionless and many out of control in what has now become a dangerous situation.

In the past, our youth had things to do in the summer holidays, and just about every day when Trafford had a good selection of council run youth centres, within these centres were qualified people able to support those who were having problems, it gave them a place to go and kept them all safe.

The youth in Partington only the other day was observed throwing things at each other behind a brand new shopping centre, and the more disturbing fact that these youths often in groups are now using lethal force.

On Aug 21 in a Timperley park two youths were attacked by another group who police tell me were from Stretford, and sadly one was knifed just for a bike! it was a complete shock to those who use Pickering Lodge Park on a daily basis, one woman who does not wish to be named told us “I am not surprised when the Trafford Tories keep taking everything away from our youth, and I hope the kid gets better.”

William Jones from the Trafford Liberal Democrats and is chair of Pickering Park Lodge said: “We would like to arrange a meeting between the various agencies and members of the community in the near future to begin claiming back the Park from crime – making sure people feel safe to use it.”

A police spokeswoman told us that she wished the boy a fast recovery in the hospital, but questioned the government on it’s out of touch austerity plans, that have simply gone too far.

It a simple process where all political elite in Trafford get talking together, forgetting about any point scoring, and all coming up with a plan where we look after our youth, keeping them out of trouble and have something in place where they have some extra guidance.




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