UK gov treading on tricky waters as the UN declares the austerity plans are illegal

Austerity has hit the poorest in society the hardest, the Tories have gone down the wrong path they have now been hit hard by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the UN are claiming what they have done is illegal.

This is not the first time the government have been hit hard over these dreadful austerity plans, the Tories really only care about the richest in society, whilst using some kind of deceptive shield to distract people from what their real motives are.

Only last night on a radio programme we heard that someone with blindness, no use of arms and legs, seriously epileptic could only get a five years on PIP, it is simply not good enough for them to continue to make the same excuses when they are finally locked into a corner claiming “We are sorry we got it wrong” the distress has already left a mark.

The government have convinced itself in its paranoia that everyone is a liar and everyone should work! even if you have no arms and legs! this is why they are always in trouble, it is out-of-order and out of touch with reality, what is more frustrating is that even with the UN or whoever else jumps on board to tell the government what it is doing is wrong, makes little difference to them.

What does it have to take for this Tory government to wake up from its crazy dream, a nightmare for the masses and something else for the few.

Having a disability, a mental health problem here in the UK does not mean the government resign you to the scrap-heap, but to many it will feel like this! surely this was not what the government wished for.

They want you to work, I do not think anyone has an issue with that! for those who can! and those who cannot are left confused as to why the government continue to claim they can, even after medical evidence, with all the proof needed, and to add to the insult, the government have cut the NHS to the bone, getting to see your GP is very difficult now, and mental health services stretched to breaking point, so how is anyone with issues going to get better?

How do these people get the require help to enable themselves to get better so they can get to work? an employer really will not take a person on who has been ill for a long time, in the real world it just does not happen.

With frustrations at an all time high, the poorest in society struggling to make ends meet, TV Licence threatening to convict them, United Utilities ripping them off, Gas and Electric meters doing the same, food at an all time high, kids going hungry, wearing rags because you cannot afford anything, freezing during the winter because the gas meter is zero and you have used up the robbery called ‘Emergency Credit” and you could well be disabled! or have a mental health issue.

Universal Credit was never the way forward, having housing benefit paid to the client not the housing is just madness! no….wreckless! this needs to be changed, the monthly payment needs to be changed to fortnightly, if these two things can be changed, then things are easier for people, at this time is a dreadful benefit, and the waiting time to get on something like this needs legal people to come in and get this changed with immediate effect, there is no way someone should wait almost two months to get a benefit.

Waiting over a month for someone with no money, can never be right he or she will end up in serious debt, more so if they have children, a debt that could be from a loan shark! , this is not just austerity, this is something else, a pure hatred for anyone who is on the bread line, we cannot accept this in the UK, the people must rise, we do have more power than the corrupt politicians, since we decide their fate!

We cannot side with any political party, however let’s be realistic about this, right now! what have the Tories or Labour done for the UK? you all voted either way, sure one like the Tories are hell-bent on an US style UK, where as Labour have a softer approach, but have sneaky plans and have already changed minds on many issues, more so austerity, with Corbyn saying before the snap general election he would make sure that people on benefits will be protected, after he was less about helping and more about causing issues.

The choice is with the public, not with politicians, it is yourself who has the final say, and like we have already said, you decide their fate, at elections, another round of elections take place in May next year, the local elections take place, whoever you vote for, even if you are rich, or just well off, think about all them people struggling, all them genuinely disabled and those with mental health issues again struggling, check your morality, you must have a conscience deeper than your pockets….think!


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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth, so totally true. People like me on PIP have been labelled the lowest of society, believe me it’s no fun on benefits !

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