Apple reveal when the new iPhone’s will be showcased

The world waited for an official announcement and Apple decided to keep us guessing until today, on their website we got the news that it will be September 12.

On show it is expected three new iPhones will be showcased, expected to be iPhone 7s and 7s plus and the anniversary iPhone 8.

As ever Apple have kept it a complete secret what these handsets look like, or what they do, I guess this is what drives the anticipation, and fuels the speculation.

Apple will also release the new operating system soon calling it iOS 11, which will feature augmented reality and a completely new interface, it is hoped also that the new update will be available for the iPhone 6, it is expected anyone with a 5c, 5s will not get this update.

The iPhone 8 will be something very special, a new road for Apple to take and it is expected future handsets will have no bezel on the front, and no physical home button, it is also hoped by many that the re introduction of the 3.5mm audio jack will be part of the set up.

We have no idea how much the latest iPhones will cost, although the 7s and 7s plus will be in the same price range as the 7 and 7 plus, with the 8 though this expected to be more expensive.

You can watch the keynote on September 12 at 5pm UK time on all Apple devices.


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