Brexit will cost the UK an estimated £50bn

When we all went to vote, we had a choice stay in the EU or leave it, we chose to leave and now as time has elapsed, we see what is in front of us just a tad clearer.

To leave we need to pay what is known as a ‘Divorce Bill’ just like if you was in a contract with a mobile phone company and you wanted to leave your contract early, a termination fee may apply, it’s a similar thing.

Huge amounts have been quoted, £35bn and today a leading newspaper has quoted £50bn and has been secretly agreed by PM Theresa May, this seems very likely as the Tories are always going behind people’s backs.

If true, where will we get 50bn from? the country is already deeply in the red, the Tories have never balanced the books, Labour proving beyond any doubt the deficit has got worse, we are now deeper in the red than when Labour was in power, and this has been proven.

The Tories will have a plan to get this money back, mostly from me and you! taxes will rise, VAT will rise a notch, every budget will see rises, squeezing the middle classes, and pretty much kill off the poorest in society, which the Tories are trying to do anyway!

Housing Benefit will be a thing of the past, council tax benefit will be gone, council budgets squeezed even more, public services already stretched will be hit further, criminality will go through the roof, you could go on and on.

We are also very concerned about the bill of rights, we will need our own laws, it needs to be fully scrutinised by all in parliament before being passed, it is hoped that new laws of neighbour nuisance will be passed, since this is now if not the biggest issue people face in this country, and it will only get worse.

The lies of the campaigns, the £350m to the NHS and so on, cannot be just left under the carpet or forgotten about, when May says “The people voted to get out of the EU and we must do what they have asked of us”  it is being done on a huge lie, people bought into the lies, it is false and a second referendum should have been made, it was not and now it is too late! the only thing we can have is a softer brexit, something Labour and the Lib Dems are calling for, but something the Tories are dithering about.


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