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North Korea tests a nuke causing a gigantic earthquake in the country

North Korea and leader Kim Jong-un has continued down the road to ruin after it tested what they claim to be a ‘hydrogen bomb’ underground at a test facility in the country.

USGS detected a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that lasted several seconds and could be felt over the pond in South Korea.

China and Russia have both condemned the North Koreans for this latest test, with Russian president claiming that the US and South Korea keep provoking them with tests of their own.

The bomb could be detonated in the air, which would still lead to a huge destructive electromagnetic wave which would flatten many places, and kill thousands of people.

The US are likely to hit North Korea with conventional weapons, although nuclear tipped which would cause massive casualties first, if any bomb was launched from North Korea it would be shot down by their sophisticated THAAD missile defence system.

US could plan this so to limit the number of innocent lives being lost by simply targeting known nuclear test sites and this would end any nuclear threat, the problem then would be the North will invade South Korea and an almighty battle will commence with the loss of thousands of soldiers, including many US soldiers.

To many US soldiers and an out of control war like this and United States will drop the big one! this will not mean WW3 is about to start, after the bomb had vaporised all of North Korea, everyone will see how devastating one of these things are, and could restore some sense into those that wage wars.

North Korea though have always done what they are doing and never done anything, it is more of a game now, do you wait and see what happens, or strike before they hit you? it is a tough call, the US and the international community have been very patient, is this patience starting to wear thin?


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