Male follows lone female in Walton Park and a warning to others to stay switched on

A female resident who lives in Sale was walking back home on September 5 at around 6.30pm, coming from the Bridgewater Canal in to Walton Park when she noticed a male who made her feel uneasy.

The woman who wishes to remain anonymous told us that he had waited for her, and went around her towards the park gates at Walton Road when he was claimed to say “your nice…your very nice”

Describing the man, she tells us  he was foreign looking, black hair, athletic build, his hair was short and had a fringe, and he was riding a white mountain bike.

She has since told police and wanted us also to spread the word, so that females that go in the park are aware as she was frightened by this experience, we cannot say if the man has committed a crime on this occasion, this would be for the police to investigate, however we think females need to be on the look out, and report to police if anyone makes you feel uneasy or says anything of a sexual nature to you, ring 999 in an emergency.



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