One Trafford

Staff at a local football team shames the One Trafford Partnership

The One Trafford Partnership must be hanging there heads in shame tonight, after we witnessed a couple of people from the football club cutting the grass on the football pitch in Walton Park in Sale, with their own lawn mowers!

Jarrod Sykes who is the chairman of the Timperley club said: “”As Trafford weren’t able to give cast iron assurances today that their Contractors would complete the work before the weekend, we mobilised a team of Volunteers from within the Club to ensure the weekends games can take place as planned and that no play was lost.”

It turns out that the same football club have worked on this football pitch this twice this year already, so their team can play football.

The grass was at least a foot long in some areas and needed a proper mower, only this morning we believe the leader of the council Sean Anstee was at the park talking to residents, One Trafford was cutting the grass at the time, but only went around the front of the park near the bushes.

We expect One Trafford to cut the grass again at some point, however after the amazing work done by staff at a local football team today, to do what they have done today was truly remarkable, the question though remains, should they have had to do this in the first place?

One Trafford have had a rollercoaster ride so far and mostly the direction is downwards, can residents blame the Tories for this gigantic issue? that will be your choice! however fingers can be pointed in that direction since it was them that decided to throw all the front line services to a private company.


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