Hurricane Irma

WATCH LIVE as Hurricane Irma makes it to Florida forecast to be this Sunday

Hurricane Irma is now a category 5 which is the highest level and very dangerous, with winds of over 180 mph.

Irma is set to be the worst storm to ever hit the United States mainland and is expected to make landfall on Sunday 8am US time.

The hurricane is currently around the Haiti area and reports are that most villages have been wiped out, it will reach the Bahamas on Saturday and other islands around that zone, if that was not enough another hurricane is behind Irma and is gaining strength, Hurricane Jose is now a category 2.

To understand the category levels that hurricanes are given look below:

  • Cat 5 – 156 mph and above
  • Cat 4 – 130/156 mph
  • Cat 3 – 111/129 mph
  • Cat 2 – 96/110 mph
  • Cat 1 – 74/95 mph

You can watch from midday on Sunday live by or at any time by clicking HERE the link takes you to a well know website called EarthCam.



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