Coroners Wood

HS2 cannot disturb Coroners Wood near Partington

Coroners Wood is close to Oak Road in Partington and has an ancient grave under a mound and HS2 cannot go anywhere near it, this is because Trafford Council in documents seen, claim it cannot be touched, the exact wording of the document is:

  • Sites of biological importance and flood zones

4.20 The four sites of biological importance in or near Partington are classified as grade C which states they are significant at a level wider than the immediate locality.

The below places shows the location of the sites:

  • Wetland at Partington
  • Coroners Wood
  • Broadoak Wood
  • Reed bed by ship canal sidings

Trafford’s UDP protects the nature conservation interest or value of these sites.

Under a mound is a grave yard which we expect will be in tact, it was a monk graveyard, the monastery has sadly long gone, and is now a farm-yard.

The mound is surrounded by trees and a small pond, the HS2 route goes over or very close to this site, and they cannot disturb this site whatsoever, we contacted HS2 in previous times and assured us that engineers will be looking into this, however they also told me they have the rights to put their track on this bit of land.

Since then we kept digging away, and found the document that even HS2 cannot get around, it is a matter of morals, we need to preserve such places, we are aware the Woodland Trust are also doing all they can to make sure Coroners Wood is protected.



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