Apple gave us three new iPhones but it was the iWatch that stole the show

The world now has three new iPhones, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, and the iPhone X , and a new iWatch 3.

The iWatch advanced in a big way, it really is an impressive watch that gives you better heart tracking, more music features and for the first time it is now cellular, the watch is faster than ever before, you can facetime someone, you do not need your handset to talk to someone, if someone calls just lift up your arm and talk.

EE are to get the iWatch first and will cost from 329 to 400 pounds.

With the iPhone we saw nothing that great, the normal things you expect from Apple, like a new processor, and slight modifications to the cameras, it is with the casing where Apple have focused on, and they do look amazing.

File_000 (1).png

With the iPhone X or 10 as they are known, the display was something else, no home button, and a OLED display, and for the first time facial recognition, we wondered why could this not have been included in the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, which was made to look like just another iPhone.

The X has Dolby Vision and animojis, this is gimmicky however looks like good fun, and it is hoped that this is more part of iOS 11 which is available on September 19.

Pricing has always been an issue with Apple, and the same applies today, the iPhone X which will set you back £1000 sim free, a gasp from the on looking audience when that was announced, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus will be priced 699 quid for the 8 and 799 for the 8 plus sim free.

Apple TV also got an upgrade, with 4K HDR vision and a new interface, with live sports and news, it does look great, one thing though they failed to mention is ‘you need a 4K TV’ many will have and this would suit you, it is expected to cost around £200.

Tim Cook took to the stage at just after 6pm UK time and gave a speech about Steve Jobs, it was obvious he was finding things difficult, as he was re checking what he was saying, and not in the same fluidity as we come to expect from Tim Cook.


(Image front cover and inset is of the iPhone X)


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