Calling all photographers this one is on us

Are you a keen photographer, or even someone who likes taking photos with their iPhone or Samsung, we recommend to you a website that helps you showcase to the world your images, and even more you get a few quid for your work.

No private photographs will be allowed, they are a clever bunch at Picfair, there are rules to becoming a member, once you have an account, just follow the simple guides, most important that your photo is a little different and as clear as possible, no blurry photos will get on this website.

If you are a mobile phone photographer, many of the big named handsets like iPhone use image stabilisation, so it won’t really give you any problems as it adjusts the final shot.

You are though far better to use a DSLR or a bridge camera, as the image will be much better, since the lens is much bigger than you would find in a mobile phone.

So what are you waiting for, give it a go, show the world your images and make a few quid, click this link or click the link on our social media pages CLICK HERE

Categories: Photography

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