Bucklow St Martins

Labour has won in the Bucklow st Martins by-election

Labour has a new councillor as Aidan Williams from Stretford won by some margin in the by-election that took place in the Bucklow st Martins ward.

The ward is the second biggest which has Partington at its heart, but also includes Carrington and a part of Sale West.

Voting took place yesterday September 14 and the turnout was higher than expected at 22%

Here are the results:

  • BEAUMONT, Andrew, UK Independence Party (UKIP) 65
  • LEPORI, Simon Edward, Liberal Democrats 18
  • MARLAND, Sarah Ashley, Tories 456
  • RYAN, Joseph Damien, Green Party 33
  • WILLIAMS, Aidan James, Labour Party 1050

We want to wish Aidan all the best in his new role which we can promise every Partington resident we will be keeping a close eye on him, making sure he delivers on his promises.

In the past councillors in Partington have done the bare minimum that is expected, and just relied on emails, often complaining either their computer was broke or their iPad wont work, these excuses are truly dreadful, if you get any like this in the months and years ahead please let us know by using the contact us link and we will be in touch.

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