New university to open in Stretford next year

The class of 92, ex Manchester United footballers Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Phil Neville and Nicky Butt are to open up a new university in Stretford with help from Lancaster University.

As part of the campus there will also be new football pitches built and other infrastructure nearby which will see hundreds of jobs being created.

Partners of the new university are:

  • Trafford Council
  • Microsoft
  • Bruntwood
  • Trafford College

Supporters of the new university campus that will be opened sometime next year are Lancashire Cricket Club and Manchester United FC.

Trafford Council leader Sean Anstee said: “Supporters of the UA92 are Manchester United and Lancashire Cricket Club.“UA92 will help regenerate the area around Stretford and Old Trafford – it presents a fantastic opportunity to revitalise and support local communities to maximise their potential. Universities are proven agents of economic growth and UA92 aims to create jobs and attract 6,500 students by 2028.”

If you want more information on this new university and all that it will offer you please click HERE


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