Proposals for a new student village in Stretford has upset many people

Proposals to create well over a thousand new flats at the car park on Lacy Street could get the nod soon.

It would create hundreds of new jobs, bring in much-needed money for the mall opposite, at a cost! many local residents have protested at the plans claiming it would ‘unbalance the amazing diversity’ of the area.

The issues the protesters have is that they are concerned about road infrastructure, and services will be stretched since no plans have been made in increasing the amount of healthcare provision and other services people use on a daily basis.

They also claim that a new student village will destroy the tight and active community feel that Stretford currently enjoys.

Stretford is changing fast, with a new layout at Edge Lane and A56, part of the mall being bulldozed, new student village, UA92 next year, possible new sports centre in the pipeline, it seems planners have forgotten about the most important thing in all of this and that is the residents that have to live there!

As many are aware consultations are a complete waste of time, it is added to these things as a way of making you believe you have a say, yet residents no matter what the outcome always come out with the worse possible deal.

The proposals also means the Royal Mail sorting office will have to be bulldozed and offices next to it.

You can view the petition on the ‘No to the student village on Lacy Street car park’ Here


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