One Trafford

Volunteers cut the grass on the football pitch in Walton Park again

Walton Park in Sale has had much of the attention recently, sadly not all positive as One Trafford have been slow to cut the grass on the football pitch and empty bins in the park.

It has caused people to go out of their ways to cut the grass on this park, more so on the football pitch, we first saw a couple of guys cutting the grass with very small mowers from Timperley Junior FC a few weeks ago, they did a great job.

It took a couple of weeks for One Trafford to come out and cut this football pitch, today September 22 we saw someone cutting the grass again, this time with a bigger mower, but still struggling, it was about thirty minutes after we arrived, when suddenly One Trafford turned up.


The volunteers claiming to be from Timperley Cricket Club stopped what they was doing, and let the man from One Trafford do his work, which was questionable, all that he was doing was flattening the grass, not cutting it! we asked the One Trafford employee why this was, and when he would be out next so we could keep an eye on things.

One of the volunteers then started to defend the One Trafford worker, the man who did not introduce himself, really let down everyone in Trafford today, after simple questions that needed answering was halted by this man’s pathetic and childish actions.

One Trafford though have caused all of these problems in the first place, anger in the community and frustration at breaking point, and yet the Trafford Tories let it all happen, knowing what a complete mess they have made, and one if not the worst decisions ever made by a council in giving a gigantic contract to lets face it, a company that has not made many friends in the places they have been.

We have asked Timperley Cricket Club for a statement.


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